Interior Redesign

Interior redesign is the successful art of arranging furniture and accessories currently owned into beautiful personalized spaces.  This is an affordable alternative to traditional interior design.   Interior redesign  starts with you at your home or business to view your room (s) and discuss your needs and concerns.  

We offer affordable cost effective ways to create beautifully designed spaces within any budget and we will give you budget minded advice on decorating your home or business.   A Fresh Look  offers advice on room transformations that you will fall in love with when you rearrange your existing furniture, artwork and accessories.  

Redesign Consult

1-2 hour consultation to address your decorating needs and give you a room evaluation.  Suggestions may include furniture & furniture placement, accessorizing, clutter reduction, window treatments, paint and flooring choices.

Verbal - During the verbal consult we will analyze your space (s) and make recommendations.  We encourage you to take notes during this consultation.

Starting at $75

Written - We will do the same as the verbal, but will also email you a copy of our recommendations in a PDF form.

Starting at $100

One Day Redesign

No time to do the redesign yourself, let me do the work for you. I will "shop" your home for furniture, area rugs, wall art and accessories to give you the room that you desire. I will also give you a list of extra's that you may want to do in the future, such as; new paint colors, window treatments, furniture etc. 

Starts at $400 per room, depending on size