Creating curb appeal can be as simple as cleaning up your front entrance to light trimming and planting flowers. Curb appeal for resale is important, as no one wants to own the ugly duckling on the block. Most prospective buyers will do a drive by,  if they like the look of the front of the property they will want to see more. 

Curb Appeal Consult

1-2 hour consultation in which we will do an exterior walk through your yard and provide you with suggestions of what needs to be changed, cleaned, painted/stained, trimmed and planted to boost the curb appeal of your home.  We offer two different levels of consultations to meet your needs.

Levels of Consultation

 Verbal  - During the verbal consult we will analyze your space (s) and make  recommendations.  We encourage you to take notes during this consultation.

Written -  We will do the same as the verbal, but will also email you a copy of our recommendations in a PDF form. 


 Verbal starting at $75

Written starting at $100